"Karen's Method - Tried and True! About 2 years ago i felt my world was falling apart, i was emotionally broken and lost all sense of who i once was. I felt as if i was drowning, and nothing could rid me of the pain and disappointment i was feeling. As hard as i tried to have a good day the storm was always rumbling above me. I felt alone in all the negativity that surrounded me and for a long time i believed that this was my fate. Until the day I met Karen Amlin. Within the first 20min of talking to her i felt something i hadnt felt in years...HOPE! Karen was the light in the tunnel for me, she was my safe zone and my strength. She taught me to love myself again and how to be my own light. That no one or thing can determine your happiness...we create our own by getting rid of the negativity..rather it be toxic people or feelings about oneself, shed the darkness and embrace the light. Her affirmations turned my negativity into lessons...and she empowered me to embrace all that i am and to find true happiness. I will be forever grateful for Karen, for if not for her i wouldnt be who i am today, and that is one happy, loving, beautiful inside and out kickass mom! We all need a little positivity and light in our lives, Let Karen be yours! You wont regret it!"


"From the day I started with this, I could tell that there was something different about it. I've already seen really positive changes in my life and it's only been a couple weeks! Thank-you so much!!"


"Karen gave me different perspectives on things and opened my eyes to so much. She is not only easy to talk to but she is encouraging, supportive and shows genuine empathy for what you’re going through. Karen gave me the tools to re-build, to grow and be a better, or should I say, BEST version of my myself. She taught me to be proud of who I am and that gave me confidence as well. She has played a significant role in my life path and I will be forever grateful to her.”"


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